Thursday, May 17, 2012

First Popsicle.

The bos have been begging for popsicles lately, especially since the weather has been warmer. Well, warmer every 3 days or so:)

So, during my grocery shopping the other day, I spotted some super cheap popsicles at Aldi (our new favorite store) and decided to buy them. I "surprised" the boys after school with a treat and decided maybe Missy could try one, too!

She kept taking little licks and saying "Mmmm."

And then after several covetous glances towards my orange popsicle, she decided to ditch the grape one and pulled out every little girl wile she had to steal mine.

It worked:) Towards the end, she kept making some of the funniest faces you ever saw, either because it was too cold or tart or something! I'm pretty sure you can tell from this orange mouth that she thoroughly enjoyed it:) So much so that she learned a new word: "Nummy!"  (Yummy).

Life is good.

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