Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Foosie Ball.

Howdy! It was such a beautiful afternoon and evening here! We're getting lots of spring rain these days but the sun fought it's way through the cloud blanket and peeked out in time for the boys to play after school.

I worked to make dinner early so we could go to the park, while Eliana cried and bemoaned the fact that she couldn't go out, too. Finally I finished and we all made our way down to the park! The boys rode their bikes and/or scooters down and Foosie alternately walked and got carried on her royal perch in Daddy's arms:)

We try to bring a ball along to kick around in the ajoining soccer/baseball field in case the boys get tired of swinging, riding or climbing like monkeys. Eliana decided to play while her brothers were busy:) She has SUCH a good time outside that I can see our summer will be filled with fresh air!

Oh, and notice that Eliana is actually wearing a hat other than her furry winter bunny hat! She was so excited about being out that she didn't realized I plopped a hat on her head. I'm getting awfully good at being sneaky;) The hat only lasted for a half an hour before she realized she had been tricked and threw it on the ground in protest. What a stinker!

A little birdie told me something special is happening tonight so I might have something fun to share tomorrow!!


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