Tuesday, May 29, 2012

In a Nutshell.

Early morning, baby crying, leftover strawberry shortcake for breakfast, walking Samuel to school, watching Zakkai and Eliana play trains together, E down for nap, reading on the porch while Z played with dump trucks and water, eating lunch together, coloring a welcome mat with sidewalk chalk, catching up with a neighbor, feeding the baby a snack while walking to get Samuel from school, hanging around outside, back home again, devouring honeydew for snack, boys playing outside with friends, smiling at Eliana wearing her purse on her shoulder, making dinner, feeding the bottomless pits that are my sons, bathing the spaghetti covered baby, rocking her while reading, calling the boys inside, snuggling with them and reading, praying sweet little prayers, shutting the door, the day is done.

Amazing that you can sum up 14 hours in one paragraph:)

1 comment:

grandma said...

WHEW Thats all I can say. You are one busy mommy.