Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Tornado

What you are about to see is only a small glimpse of what the baby tornado is doing to my home on an hourly basis. This particular destruction took approximately 1 minute or less to occur. Prepare yourself.

I had a dr appointment this afternoon for my foot (more in a moment) and when I walked in my front door, I saw, scatter allllll over the living room floor, two kinds of big legos, Mr. Potato head and all his accessories, a play piggy bank and its coins, the shape sorter and its shapes, the picnic basket and its play food and some cars.

And when I looked questioningly around the room, all 3 male fingers pointed in the direction of Eliana.

Who will now be renamed the "Baby Tornado." Can I hire a cleaning lady???

So I have been referred to see a podiatrist (appt next Tues) for a possible laceration of the tendon on my 4th toe. My dead toe, as I have come to think of it fondly. Or maybe not so fondly:)

Until then, I have to buddy tape my toe to the one next to it and put on some cream that is supposed to help with the burning that comes from the nerve damage. Boy, I really did a number! Why did I have to be born so klutzy???!

We'll see what happens.

I found the boys some snow pants today on clearance because apparently you should wear snow pants during the cold winters! The kids aren't allowed to do a lot of things on the playground at school if they don't wear them and they will be having recess on all days it is above 10 degrees.

Samuel and Zakkai have never had any and they are thrilled to pieces! They wore them around the house this afternoon:) I bought bigger sizes so they can last 2-3 years for each of them.

As a matter of fact, they love them so much that they have decided I need a pair, too! haha.

I'll leave you on a funny note. Tonight I attempted Zumba again, modified. There is this middle aged guy who has started attending the class. He stands out because he is, after all, the only male in the class. And it could also be his skin tight biker shorts and muscle shirt, too.

Or maybe the way he gets so into the moves, you get a little distracted feeling like you've suddenly entered a zumba/kickboxing/ballet class. Anyways, I admit a giggle slipped out tonight when Mr. Biker Shorts got carried away with his movements and what he was doing and when the teacher darted over to turn up the music in the middle of the song, he started running after her!

Oh, it makes me laugh now to think about it! At least he's having a good time and that's what it's all about.

Oh and exercising, too:)

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