Saturday, January 7, 2012

Legos and Baby Step Goals.

Just finished a long solo day with my kiddies. It was a (mostly) good day though! A lot of times these days feel like they are never-ending, especially on Saturdays when I have no car and we're couped up.

But today we had a couple of things that were vital to our pretty, mostly good day. #1) New toys!! Yesterday we had a fun family afternoon. We had a gift card to a restaurant and enjoyed lunch out (an extremely rare treat!!) and then we went to a mall where the boys got to spend their own gift cards at the Lego Store!!

Ben and I love legos about as much as the boys do so we always enjoy an outing to the Lego store. There are places to play with legos, as well as the many displays of tempting lego sets to catch your eye. Both boys had already picked out their favorites several weeks ago (just in case:) and even though they got slightly dazzled by silly things like lego keychains (although they are pretty cool looking), they ended going home with exactly what they came for.

A new garbage truck for Samuel and a space shuttle for Zakkai. Samuel is pretty good at following lego instructions and needs minimal help, although this was a bigger set so we did help more than usual. Zakkai is still learning how to follow the directions so all in all, to help the 2 of them put together their sets it took B and I 2 hours to help! Ben did about half with them last night and I finished the rest with them today.

And then they played and played and PLAYED! I'll post pics of them tomorrow;)

The 2nd thing that helped the day go faster and more smoothly was my motivation to clean and organize and toss! I love when I actually am motivated to do that kind of thing. I really lost my mojo, if you will, over the past 2 months after we got hit with so much heaviness and sickness...and injury, etc. I was thinking last night about how the New Year is a nice time, after a break from reality for a bit, to reorganize, pull up your pants a little and make a few positive changes in your life.

But instead of making any outrageous goals that I can't possibly keep and setting myself up for failure, I decided to make a few small changes to help me get back on track. For one, I am going to wake up each morning and make a small list of what I'd like to or need to accomplish that day. Not the next day or that week. Just that day. I get this awesome family calendar that I adore from my MIL every year (thank you!!) and this year it came with something new: a magnetic dry erase board to write down daily tasks.

So today I wrote "Clean, Organize, Toss." And that's what I did! I'm not worrying about what I have to do on Monday when life starts again. I'll write that on Monday's list.

Today it made me feel really good to accomplish a couple small goals. Well, maybe  not so small when you're trying to do it while feeding the baby lunch, breaking up fights, and  stepping over boys playing space shuttle and garbage truck flying to the moon.

But now I can erase my list and think of a new one for tomorrow. Baby steps to a healthier 2012 me: emotionally and physically:)

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