Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Back Home!

We made it safe and sound! It felt like a long day of traveling, especially when Little Miss had had enough when it got to her bedtime (since we're on Ohio time) and alternately cried like her heart was breaking and laughed hysterically at ridiculous things. Can we say "running on fumes?"

At least she got one good nap in and is sleeping soundly in her own bed now!

Thankfully we had perfect weather and little traffic during driving...until we hit Chicago, that is. Of course, we hit home at rush hour. Fun!

So now we're surrounded with tons of stuff that miraculously all fit into our van and now I have to find a place to put it all:) Hopefully the boys and Missy will be highly entertained with all their fun new toys!

I leave you with a sneak peak of Christmas pics:) Unfortunately, our camera acted up almost the whole time and I got terrible pictures, especially on Christmas Eve, which broke my heart because I really, really wanted good family pictures.

So here are a couple cell phone pics. Whatever would we do without cell phones, right? ha!

Good night!

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aunt t said...

Those little guys look so handsome, how cute they are in matching shirts!