Monday, January 16, 2012

Long Weekend

We've had a pretty nice long weekend over here. Of course, I know I will be confused about what day it is for the rest of the week now!

Late as it is, we just got the boys bathed and in bed....after their very first swimming lesson! I've been wanting them to take swimming lessons for a long time but we've never been able to find a good place and it's usually very pricey.

Add to that, Samuel hasn't been able to tolerate water on his head until this year and you can see why we've waited!  But now we live by the Y and they offer affordable swim classes. Samuel was very nervous before they left, much like before his first t-ball practice last summer.

But they both came home beaming and couldn't wait to tell me all that they learned! Samuel wishes that they could have classes every day instead of once a week:)

(Eliana trying on her baby "Danny's" shoes:)

Today we also had some friends over to play! We miss a lot of our friends from H.P. and don't get to see them very often but were blessed with a good, long visit today. The boys were highly entertained with their long-lost friends and I got a little friend time, which is invaluable to me these days. A good day!

And yesterday our very good friends Mr J. and Ms D. came over to watch football/basketball and we munched on pizza and had a great time. Spending time with loved ones makes me wish a thousand times that we had a better community around us. I miss having close friends nearby. I miss living near family.


(A fun, inexpensive project of mine this weekend! I bought a cheap $4-5 cork board and decorated it with ribbon to hang school calendars and papers that are overtaking my fridge:) Easy, fun, and useful!)

And I forgot to write about Friday when Ben went to read to Samuel's class. Zakkai really wanted to go with him to sit in his big brother's class and see what it's like to be a big 1st grader. They happily marched out with book in tow, ready to surprise Samuel.

And boy, was he surprised!! Ben said his face just lit up when he saw his Daddy and brother standing in the doorway, ready to be the Mystery Reader. The class was ready, sitting on the rug and Samuel got to go sit right next to Ben while he read.

Ben said he could tell S was SO proud to have his Daddy reading to his friends and was really into the book, making surprised faces and funny faces to show that he was enjoying and perhaps, to show off for his friends a little bit:)

Ben came home beaming and I could tell that it did his heart good to know that such a simple, yet wonderful act made our sweet son feel so special.

I hope Samuel remembers that day for a long time to come!

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