Thursday, January 19, 2012

Keepin' Busy.

Apparently, winter is here to stay...more snow tomorrow! The boys are thrilled to finally get their chance to build a snowman, although both are saying they are ready for spring.

Hahahhahaha! oh, I'm sorry, that just slipped out. Um, spring is like 6 months away. I didn't believe my sister years ago, right before we moved to Chicago, when she told us there were two seasons here. Winter (9 months) and Summer (3 months.)

She was right.

A long-ago toy that has never lost it's magic:)

 Hey, Samuel, how about a picture? Oh, you want me to take another one? Okay...

There's my silly boy! haha! (Zakkai ran away when asked to pose for a picture:)

Miss Puddin' Pop is such a busy girl! She is learning all sorts of new words but her very favorite right now is "Uh-oh!" She uses it to mean "I dropped something" "I need help" "Can you open this?" and all sorts of other things;)

 We worked hard on her sleep last week, as she was in a bad habit of waking up and crying for hours in the night and was SO overtired and cranky through the day. She is now sleeping so much better, going right back to sleep in the night if she cries out (usually for her paci) and waking up much happier after naps. It's nice to have our happy girl back!

Eliana is also learning how to feed herself! Earlier this week, I had been putting a little food on a spoon and handing it to her and in the past couple of days, she has been "asking" for the spoon and wanting to feed herself! Such a big girl:)

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