Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ramblin' Tuesday!

Howdy! (that's for all my Texan relatives:) It was the craziest day today but we managed to survive!

*Eliana is walking a bit more now! She took about 14 steps on Sunday~the most ever! And has done a big chunk each day this week. Yikes! I was beginning to think she'd be a lifetime crawler.....

*I went to the podiatrist today and found out I do have a severed tendon and will be having surgery shortly. Only I could do such a ridiculous thing that would end up with such consequences! I have several appointments lined up in the next 2 weeks including: an MRI, another appt with the podiatrist next week to discuss results and surgery dates and an appt with my reg doc in 2 weeks to get medical clearance for take-off, I mean surgery. Wow. It kind of hasn't sunk in and I think I'll leave it that way for a bit. No sense getting myself worked up over my fear of surgery and having to recover ALLLL over again.

*Ben keeps making ridiculous jokes/puns like "Well, you have to just get your foot in the door.." and "Just take it one step at a time" and "You need to have both feet on the ground." He does make me laugh and if this helps him deal with it, then he can go ahead and use my injury as a joke board! Feel free to join in.

*Zakkai is turning 5 in only a few short weeks and is happily helping to plan a party. I hope we can still have one now! He is also getting invitation after invitation from fellow preschool birthday-ites and get this: one invite even specifies what kind of gift to buy!! Wow again.

*Made and ate lasagna tonight and it was good! Okay, okay, so I didn't have a miraculous healing and am now loving lasagna. Sorry to get your hopes up that I will lead a normal life now. It was Mexican lasagna. No mushiness. No ricotta cheese. Even the baby gobbled it up!

Off to attempt exercising with strange men in biker shorts! Okay, that sounded weird...

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Emily S. said...

Surgery? That stinks!! How long will you be out of commission afterwards?