Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sappy Mama.

*I am feeling very sentimental over here tonight! Samuel has a timeline of his life (all 6 1/2 years:) due on Friday so I have been working all afternoon/evening to help find pictures for him. It always breaks my heart a bit to look back at my formerly baby-faced, chubby-legged, guileless little boys and see how much they have changed. You may not notice it day to day but it's so very evident in pictures, even from a few months ago!

*And what is making me even sadder is that I cannot find my picture CD of Samuel's first week of life, birth and all. I have a few hard copies in his scrapbook but that's about it and it's making me SO sad:( I have looked everywhere that I can think of but somewhere a long the way, I must've taken it out of my CD collection, that is in order by dates, and forgot to put it back. They are only pictures, yes. I have my memories, yes.

But still. Those are my only copies of my pictures and if those get lost.....:(

*Aside from that, it was a pretty non-interesting day. Those are kind of nice sometimes! My last happy thought of the day was tonight, reading to the boys in the stillness of the house, impatient to get them to bed after a super-busy, loud afternoon and looking down to see both of them snuggled on either side of me with their hands resting unconsciously on my arms, Zakkai's head lying on my shoulder, listening, peaceful, so full of love.

I never deserve their love, their immediate forgiveness, their adoration and yet I have it. And I don't want to take it for granted.

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