Saturday, January 21, 2012


Yesterday our little Darling turned 15 months old! I know that eventually I have to give up these monthly "birthday" posts but will you allow me a few more? I like to sit back and take these few moments to think about all the amazing changes in such a little person in just a month.

Truly amazing!

Her silliness has really come out in the past month! Miss E loves to pull all the pillows off the couch and roll around on them. She loves to crawl and put one leg up in the air and turn to see if you're watching her be silly. She twists her body all around on the ground and giggles and grins with her 5 little teeth and it's just hilarious! Such personality coming out:)

 Even though there is much silliness, she is still as sweet as can be! She still melts her "Dada's" heart with the sweet way she says his name. She looks for him and calls for him up the stairs on days where he is gone all day at work. They adore each other.

She also melts my heart even when she calls me "Dada" persistently. I think she enjoys calling me that even though she slips and occasionally calls me "Mama." Hmmm...she's a sneaky one!

 So many new words these days! "Hat," "Bipah" (Diaper), "Book" (now with the "K!), "Yook" (Look), "Dassa yight" (That's a light), "Ay-ee" (Baby), "Bwubuh" (new one! ~ Brother) "Wow" "Yeah, yeah" (always in two's :) "uh-uh," "Mo mo" (no, no, no!) "Oup!" (Ouch) and more!

She even did her very first wall coloring! I am so proud! Sniff:)

She loves to push her baby Danny around in the walker/stroller, go for rides on her ride-on princess toy, sing ("ya, ya, ya!"), talk and "ooh and ahhh" about everything, eat, be silly with her brothers, be near her family, imitate us and make big messes.

Life is so exciting for this little angel these days and we love every second of it!

Even the big messes:)

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