Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas Eve

 Here is our trip captured in pictures, pitiful though they be:) The Thomas Train chugged into OH Friday afternoon before Christmas and we got up bright and early the next morning to celebrate our Christmas with Ben's mom (a.k.a. Grandma!)

The boys were SO excited:)

They took a break every so often to help Eliana or Mommy and Daddy open a present:) Such self-control!

 This is how most pictures of my hubby turn out. Sigh.

 A little blurry but man, does this kid look like his daddy! His eyes look almost like they are brown but they are a really nice bluish, gray color.

 Z waiting patiently for another turn:)

 Missy hung around looking for things to get into:)

 My 4 favorite people in the world checking out new toys together!

 E and her new picnic basket! She loves it so much, esp since she's in the stage of taking things out....and putting them back in....and taking them out...(over and over!)

 Grandma got to sneak in a few minutes of snuggle time before E conked out for a nap:)
 Getting ready for the Christmas Eve service! Such a pretty girl:)

 Probably the best shot I got of her with my stinky camera. She sat down right as it flashed. Oh well!
And you can see how well our many attempts at a family shot went.....sigh.

Even though the pictures didn't turn out well, it was still a special day and night. There is something magical about Christmas Eve to me. Going to church where the lights are dimly lit, seeing people you love, being reminded of the reason we are celebrating in the first place, the tiny love-baby who came into this world and changed it forever, singing "O, Holy Night" and feeling teary at the powerful words, and putting your excited children to bed and watching them try to tame the wild anticipation of the next morning that is written all over their guileless faces, sneaking in long after they are asleep to lay their stockings at the ends of their beds in a long-standing family tradition.


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Grandma W said...

Although I have always thought S looks like your grandfather, I can (for the first time) see how he does take after B. Wow. I never saw it before. I have such special memories of that morning.