Friday, January 20, 2012


Like the wintry background? I was bored for a minute or two today and had a random desire to make my blog look like it does outside...snowy:)

Had a nice day: Zakkai was happily entertained ALL day with a buddy who was over to play.

Watched several inches of beautiful snow (although treacherous to drive in!) fall from the safety of my warm home.

Watched the boys run and tromp through mounds of snow on the way home from school and help their Daddy shovel the sidewalks.

Enjoyed homemade Hawaiian pizza and Friday night dessert and watched E.T. with the hubby. (Wow, never knew that movie was so cheesy!)

Now I'm ready to go to bed and gear up for a snowy day tomorrow:)

(the view from my car this afternoon~don't worry, I wasn't driving!)

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