Thursday, January 26, 2012

Best Thursday!

"This is the best Thursday ever!"

~A quote heard by 2 little men around here this afternoon and whose sentiments are wholly felt by their mommy!

Samuel, upon getting in the car after school and finding out that our very special friend, Miss D, was waiting at home for them said, "This is the best Thursday ever! I got to have a lunchable for lunch (a special treat!), I got to go to school AND Miss D is here!!"

And then Zakkai chimed in: "This is MY best Thursday ever! I got to have a lunchable for lunch and go to school and Miss D is here!"

And now, sitting here, thinking about what my day could've been and how it turned out with the special company of a wonderful friend...I also think it was the best Thursday ever:) Thank you, Miss D, for hanging out and having dinner with us and blessing us with your company! (We love company!)

Missy being silly:) She is learning a new word every couple of days and her walking is really taking off! As my friend pointed out....just in time for her mama to go lame:) Good timing, E!

Daddy and Z having a special story time:) They got to have a special breakfast together this past weekend, a daddy-son bonding time that was long overdue. Zakkai came back glowing!

We are really looking forward to this weekend, as Ben will be taking Saturday off to spend time with US! We are going to make good use of our new zoo membership we received as a gift this Christmas and just enjoy time together, even if we spend the whole time indoors with the lemurs.

I'm sure lemurs are good company, too:)


grandma said...

Im wondering is your Zoo membership for Brookfield Zoo? I kind of hope so because of my memeories. I'm sure it will be so fun.

dwilliams said...

:-) It was a pretting stinkin' good Thursday.