Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Happenings

Whew, another day done! Samuel had a happy day at school, made even better by a 100% on his hardest spelling test yet. Hooray, Samuel!

Zakkai got to go to a birthday party that he was really looking forward to and came up all sugared up.

Eliana made the usual mess of the house and practiced a little walking, although not quite as much today. It's good to rest sometimes:)

I had my MRI this afternoon. I went all the way to the place (about 20 min away), only to find the door locked. I called the number and told them it was locked, only to find out....that location had closed and the phone number was being rerouted to the new location and someone had forgotten to tell me! They allowed me to still come to the new location~a 40 minute drive with all the wonderful Chicago traffic.

So, 3 1/2 hours later I straggled home after my fun experience in the machine that sounded like a jackhammer!

The thing that made any stress disappear? The exuberant shouting from the boys "MOMMY!!!!!" The joy on their faces, the giddy giggling from Eliana who was sitting in her highchair waiting for me to get close so she could touch me with her food encrusted hand, was the most beautiful thing in the world!

I felt really special:)


Grandma W said...

Good for S for getting 100% on his spelling test. Doesn't sound like a fun thing to run all over the city (especially of Chicago!) for the MRI appt. I am thinking so much of you and your upcoming surgery. I suppose just take one day at a time. God will get you through this...oh - and by the way - you ARE special!!

grandma said...

Well my computor was not working again just had computor fella out and I'm in business again. Arn't those MRI something. Last summer remember when the one I was in did't work and I was in there for a hr. and finally she said maybe we better do it some other time. I was shaking and did not want to come back but I did and it finally worked. That was not fun. Im praying for you.