Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Holy Guacamole!!

Wow, that's a big avocado! Guacamole, anyone??

Today was an amazing SIXTY degrees outside! In January. In Chicago. What?!

The sad thing is that you know that it's not spring and spring isn't anywhere close to coming. I'm sure we have many more ups and downs to come. I'll enjoy the ups while they come!

A wonderful, sweet friend of ours came to visit today and had a little girl time with E and I:) Eliana doesn't respond well to most people (little stinker) but she does really well with Miss E (our friend) and really responds to her calmness and gentleness. I can only pray that she will do as well when my mom comes next week to help out after my surgery.

The boys whipped out their scooters this afternoon and enjoyed the fresh, warm air with no winter coats! It was nice not to have to coax them outside;) Even Eliana enjoyed the fresh air and stood at the back door where I left the screen door open a crack and banged and yelled at her brothers. I told her before she knows it, she will be out there running around with them, riding on her special little toy:)

She does have to actually start walking first though. Crawling + Muddy Grass = Extra laundry for Mama. No thanks! I've got enough washing to do!

Off to bed now...

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Charity said...

Wow, what is with the weather. You guys up north are getting a taste of what Texas is like in the winter. I hope that this doesn't mean that you're going to be having heavy snow in March :)