Monday, October 31, 2011


It was an exciting day around here for our munckins with parties, costumes and most importantly.....candy!

We had some new characters around town today:

A sweet little kitten....soft and cuddly!

A brave and handsome fireman, ready to save the day!

 And a good-lookin', athletic professional baseball player!
 Zakkai watched the clock like a hawk all day, waiting for the little hand to get close to the 2, because that was when his party started!
 He got to do an eye-ball relay race...
 Wrap a friend in toilet paper, decorate a candy apple, have treats and he even won the game of Musical Chairs:) He had a great time!

 The boys were dying to go trick-or-treating tonight. Quite literally, driving me up the wall! We ate an early dinner and then headed out with our crew...
 And Kitten sacrificed an early bedtime to ride along and make sure her big brothers got only the best candy:) We wound our way through the neighborhood, spending most of our time close to the school where most houses were inviting little treaters. The highlight of the night for the boys was probably when we found S's teacher's house!

She promised her class that if they found her, they would get the most candy:) Over an hour later, we trudged home with brimming buckets and 3 weary trick-or-treaters...not to mention a tired mommy and daddy!

But there was still enough energy to look over the night's loot and choose a piece or two for a treat:)
Samuel's school had a parade around the building after lunch today so all the parents could come and take pictures. Zakkai, Eliana and I went to wave to our baseball player and got a little video. Enjoy!

I'm sure the boys won't miss a piece of chocolate or two, right? :)


Grandma W said...

How I wish I could have been there! All three are so cute.

grandma said...

So cute. It brings back such memories of days gone bye. I also would sneak a candy or two. Mostly snicker bars or Hersey bars. Wish I had some right now.