Monday, October 24, 2011


A few pictures...

E's very last time in the infant carseat on Friday ~ sniff, sniff! It was a chilly day last week and we had just come back from dropping S off at school and she wanted out! Hence, the pathetic face:)

 How a lot of pictures of her look these days....we're much to busy to stop and pose for mama!
 Z listening to his book on tape:) One of the few activities where he's actually quiet for a few minutes...
 I love how the boys look like little men in their robes:) Poor Samuel has another cold and he never quite recovered from his last one, with a cough hanging on all these weeks. Now he's hoarse and I'm hoping he doesn't get worse!
What we've had with dinner the past 2 nights....homemade biscuits n' homemade apple butter! Deeeeeeeelicious!

*Samuel's actual final t-ball game should be tomorrow, weather permitting. He loves Tuesdays!

*The boys are counting down until next Monday when they can dress up and get candy... Maybe now would be a good time to throw out last year's Halloween (and Valentines...)candy that is still in their pumpkin buckets??

*As I was talking to my Grandma this afternoon, she unwillingly had to listen to a complete meltdown from the boys. As in screaming, crying, time-outs, etc. The consensus was that they were tired and I hadn't fed them snack quick enough:) Promise our house doesn't always sound like that, Gma!

*Eliana is making the funniest faces these days. She tucks in her lips and makes an "old lady" face which I think is because her fangs feel funny! Speaking of fangs, her 4th tooth (and 2nd fang) poked through on her bday. It's funny to see her bite down on food and it's pretty cute when you get a glimpse of those teeth!

*Suspecting that Morton isn't quite as gone as I thought he was....My friend sent me some nifty gear to scare away the mice and we relaxed after we hadn't seen any evidence (nor hide nor hair) of Morton and co. But, I became suspicious after I dropped rice the other night and left it to dry so I could sweep it up in the morning, only to find zero evidence of the rice in the morning. I laid down a test crumb in the middle of the kitchen a couple of nights ago and found that, too, missing.  Hmmm...must be time to put out the battle gear again!

Have a great night!



Emily S. said...

Ugh, I was hoping that Morton was gone forever. Sorry the devices aren't helping out like I had hoped!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, I'm just hoping it is just Morton and not Morton, Matilda, and their 20 children. I hope you catch him soon. I guess we should be happy that we only have to deal with little baby lizards.

Charity said...

Anonymous was me, Charity.