Monday, October 10, 2011


I just know that I am going to be totally confused for the rest of the week about what day it is. Does that happen to anyone else when there is a holiday? (now is the time to either confirm my craziness or let me know that I'm not alone in the boat....:)

Missy has been throwing her whole nap schedule off the past several days, against my mommy-will. She's always liked to throw us for a loop when it comes to sleep! She's been fighting her morning nap (even though tired) until the middle of the morning and then sleeping close to lunch time. Then that throws off the whole afternoon and she fights that nap and we have a vicious cycle!

But she's still adorable, crazy naps or not, so I think I'll keep her:) She finally fell asleep at 10:30am today and slept for 3 hours. So she went to sleep tonight at 5pm. Who knows what she's doing. Babies like to throw their parents for a loop!

Well, this one does anyways.

The boys had a great day playing outside today. They have been building piles of leaves and jumping in them, practicing basketball, riding bikes and more. They were hot and sweaty when I called them in for dinner:)

And I just got back less than an hour ago from an outing (get this) by.myself. It was SO weird and slightly uncomfortable to be out for so long alone. Alone....

I had to remind myself that it was okay not to hurry and to just take my time but it was hard to get rid of that mindset. I wandered over to JoAnn's to get a few things I needed and went grocery shopping to save the trouble of dragging everyone out with me tomorrow. I don't think I like going at night time because it's tooooo quiet. Isn't that weird?

I think I've just trained myself not to go out by myself at night because of so many years of living in the city and in a neighborhood that was dangerous "after hours" (and during daytime, too!).

Plus it's kind of lonely to go wandering around stores by yourself. Do you like to shop alone or with people?

Well, now that I've unpacked groceries and shared a pic of my adorable pixie, I'd better get to bed. The days start early 'round here:)

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Charity said...

Back in Ohio, Scott and I would often go grocery shopping on Friday nights at like 11:00 PM. We loved it because we didn't have to deal with the crowds.