Thursday, October 13, 2011

Rainy Day.

 It was a rainy day but we managed to have a little fun:) Zakkai painted his pumpkin today while I was slicing up apples for apple butter.
I asked him what his pumpkin's name was and he said "Alexander....Alexander Cross-Eye!" haha! I love how everything he colors and paints is SO colorful!

 Then he decided that cutting up apples looked a whole lot more fun so I got out another cutting board and he ran and got one of his plastic Ikea knives and started chopping away:) We made a good team! The apple butter's still cooking (it takes 12+ hours!) so we'll see what it looks like tomorrow...
 I finished the boys' wall hanging things (for lack of a better word:) and hung them up tonight! They have clothes pins glued on so they can change their favorite pictures in and out whenever they want. They immediately ran to find special pictures to hang:)
 Zakkai also hung a set of keys. He loves his keys!
And here is another picture of the cutest little girl in the world:) I just loved her pigtails! She keeps saying "Hi!" to us in the sweetest voice and it makes us turn into big mushy teddy bears every single time! I have got to get it on video.

She also signed "Doggie" and "Train" this week. She's starting to throw more little fits but it's okay because she's easily distracted still:) She also likes to throw all her toys out of her carseat and crib. Today in the store, she threw her pacifier and toys out and somewhere along the way, threw her socks out. Thankfully, I was buying her some sock anyways since she only has a couple of pairs:) Little stinker!

Today the poor thing hit her head so many times. We have definitely entered the time of bruises and bumps.

She was pulling up on a cabinet, slipped and got a bruise right next to her eye. That caused many crocodile tears:( Then later she was trying to pull up to see me after a slight fall, bumped her head on the chair and right after I picked her up, leaned back and whacked her bruised eye. She was a mess!

I tease Ben that I am going to buy her a helmet to wear around because it upsets him so much when she gets hurt. I'd better be careful or he'll take me seriously! He has quite a tender daddy heart in there.

But don't tell him I told you that;)

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aunt t said...

Zakkai did a great job cutting apples. He is a good helper!