Monday, October 17, 2011

Messy Girl!

Monday comes so quickly and I always wonder where the weekend went! We jump into the busy week with both feet around here, as I am sure you do:)

This afternoon after Zakkai left for preschool, I was around the corner and I heard Eliana making some kind of mess (and boy, does she make messes these days!)

I went to inspect and this is what I saw...

One of the boys had not pushed the tray of paper far enough back and someone, who's getting a bit taller, grabbed it towards her and decided to play with her new favorite toy~ paper! She was having a blast with all this paper. I let her hold a piece while I cleaned up the rest as fast as I could. She's getting awfully ornery!

And this afternoon, all 3 kiddos and I headed over to Zakkai's last basketball practice right after school. He has improved so much since he started and especially since we got him his own basketball!
 He's the blondie in the gray shirt:) They had dribbling races and played games...
 And played follow-the-leader while dribbling. Way to go, Zakkai!
He really enjoyed going each week and it was really fun to watch him succeed at his very first sport! He says next up is Soccer:)

Samuel has his last t-ball game tomorrow night, which we are all going to. He is pretty sad about t-ball ending but says that he wants to check out soccer, too.

 If only I could find that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow those two keep talking about....;)

And on top of the last days of fall sports this week, we also have a very special birthday we will be celebrating on Thursday. I'm making something special for our girl to wear with her favorite animal on it. Stay tuned!

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