Monday, October 3, 2011

Pebbles eats an apple.

I think it's hilarious to put E's hair up like this. I think she looks totally adorable and Pebblesisque. Samuel doesn't like it:)
I am trying to make good use of the wonderful apples that my mom brought to me. With her help, I learned how to can applesauce! So now we have 7 quarts of homemade applesauce canned. Which is quite piddly compared to the 26 or more qts that my mom would can when I was growing up.

I'll always remember her sending one of us down to the basement to grab a jar of applesauce to serve with dinner. And now I know how to make my own!

I only have 7 jars, hence my limit:) haha! I also made and froze 2 apple pie fillings. And I still have plenty more apples to work into some baked goods! I think muffins will be next on my list...

This afternoon all of us got to go to Zakkai's basketball practice. It's fun and heartbreaking to watch him play. He really hasn't built up a lot of self-confidence so when he feels like he can't do something or doesn't know how to try, he just stops and shuts down and gets the saddest look you've ever seen on his face.

He alternated the whole time between having fun and looking over at us constantly to make sure we were watching, and standing or squatting forlornly in the middle of the court while the rest of the kids were dribbling wildly around him.

It didn't help that he got smacked in the head by a crazy ball either;( It really broke B's heart and he wants to get Z a basketball a.s.a.p. so he can practice with him.

Samuel enjoyed coming for the first time. Usually it's Z going to S's practices but I think it was nice to have it the other way around. Zakkai seemed really excited to have Samuel come. S worked on homework while we were watching. Ah, the life of a 1st grader and his slave-driver parents!

And B soaked up a little extra time with his munchkins, whom he misses so much when he's gone for several days in a row working. He sat there and held Eliana while she made a mess of a biter biscuit, listened to Samuel read his homework and watched Zakkai practice dribbling and shooting. And he enjoyed every minute of it.

It doesn't take much to make a memory.


Grandma W said...

I agree - about Pebbles. It is heartbreaking to hear about Z at bball practice. I believe he will blossom, just like S did through baseball. It is so hard watching our children "go through the knothole", but so worth it on the other side. Love you all.

grandma said...

All I can say to Z is practice--practice. Thats what David did by the hour out in our drive basketball court. It pays off. How wonderful B had time to play with the kidos. I know how hard it is for him not to b able to be there all the time but as I said when I was there you Heidi will just have to get out there and play ball. Are you still laughing. Love you