Friday, October 21, 2011


Today's been a good day, although it's about to end! Highlights of today:

*Getting the house cleaned for company. Always feels good to have a clean home!

*Watching Zakkai listen to books on CD on my computer with earphones. It's his new favorite activity and it's so cute to see him enjoying himself so much:)

*Buckling Eliana into her infant carseat for the last time (sniff!) and hooking in the "new" one (Which is really Z's old one;) She seems to like it so far! And just in time, as the infant carseat is about to expire....Did you know carseats expire?

*Happy that E actually slept for more than an hour~hooray! She of the napping-strike has been driving me batty. Just when I think I've got the darn schedule down, she has to go and change it!

*Going to the store with my youngest munchkins to get a few needed items and watching Zakkai's face light up when he got new shoes. Boys are tough on shoes these days! Both boys' shoes only lasted about 3 months. Yikes!

*Watching Eliana crawl around with her new baby doll in her hand all day. Baby came with us everywhere we went! So cute!

*Best of all, having old friends over for dinner tonight. We were so blessed to be a part of the best housegroup ever for a few years and formed some wonderful friendships. We spent a fun evening catching up and just being blessed by being around people we love. Wish it happened more often!

*Enjoying the sunshine that has been absent lately. Sunshine is wonderful!

*Going to bed before the roosters wake up:)

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