Friday, October 14, 2011


*I think Friday is my favorite day of the week! Z doesn't have preschool and S stays at school for lunch so we have a long, quiet morning without running around much. It's a bit of a reprieve after a busy week!

*Made an apple pie this afternoon. Usually my first pie of the season doesn't turn out so great (the durn crust!) but this time it was SO good! I was proud of myself:)

*It was the quintessential fall day here today: chilly, sunny, leaves scattered all over the ground, wonderful.

*Samuel had pajama day at school today and was unsure about wearing his jammies. He said, "But mommy, we're big kids now and we don't wear pajamas to school!" I said, "Samuel, when I was in high school, kids still wore their pajamas." haha. He brought his in his bookbag and sure enough, when he ran out after school this afternoon, he was in his cozy jammies!

*Z, E and I went to the library this morning and Z spent so much time this afternoon just reading and looking at pictures. I don't think I've heard him be that quiet for such a long time except when he's asleep!

*I found the whole "Little House on the Prairie" series while searching for books for the boys. I checked it all out. For me:)

*E's 3rd tooth finally broke through yesterday. She has a fang. We're so proud;)

*Her cardiology appointment is tomorrow morning. I am praying that the hole closed up and there will be no concerns! The appt is supposed to take 3 hours. yuck.

*I'd better get to bed since we have to get an early start tomorrow.

Happy Friday!

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Grandma W said...

I read your blog very early this morning. This is the first opportunity I have had to respond. I have been thinking about E all morning. I am hoping and praying for her little heart - that it is healed. I am anxious to hear. Love you all so much.