Friday, October 28, 2011


is going through a phase, one of many, and often drives us up the wall with his determined, stubborn spirit and willfulness. Funny how people's strengths can also be their weaknesses.

 He expresses his opinions with great passion and earnestness. He is never wrong. He has to learn the hard way sometimes and it hurts me just as much as it hurts him.

He has a new "listening chart" that we made together today and he will get a star or sticker or silly face drawn in a square every time he listens the FIRST time. We are desperately hoping this will help!

He has so many different careers ahead of him. I love his ambition. He got to meet a retired fireman today and I could see the awe on his face. I wonder what he will really become?

He is fascinated with machinery and the mechanics of how things work. He was always the one to touch buttons and switches. To him they are like the red flag luring the bull. If you want him to NOT touch something, just tell him to touch it. It works like a charm.

He will follow any sort of workman around asking 1000 questions a minute about their work. It must feel good to them to have someone show such an interest....even if he's only 4:)

He loves chocolate, plans on having a garden someday and a race car. I had to talk him out of speeding away from policemen when he grows up. He thinks he'll be too fast for them to catch. I am going to start praying now....

He tries so hard to be well-behaved but his passion and impulsiveness get the best of him. It is so hard to teach him but it is well worth the effort. He adores his new light-up shoes, loves to splash in puddles, says he'll have a zillion dollars someday and share half with us, talks in his sleep and loves to help cook and wash dishes.

He's a very special little guy and I'm blessed to have him.

He is Zakkai.

*Pictures taken today while he was watching our handy man seal the driveway. So cute!

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