Tuesday, October 25, 2011

10 Ways to know you have Lost Your mind.

1. You have to program everything in your phone (even if it's on the calendar) so you do not forget. Including when to pick up your children from school.

2. You are behind on everyone's birthdays and they are lucky if they get a gift a month later. Or even at all:)

3. Everytime you go to the store you are positive that you are out of carrots. So you buy a new bag. Only to go home and find that you already have 3 bags in the refrigerator.

4. You walk into random rooms of the house and pause for a minute or so, wondering why in the world you are in there....

5. What was I writing about?

6. You call your children and your husband by the wrong names. "Samu...Zak...Ben, whoever you are!!!"

7. You used to bee a grate speller and now you dont no how anymoore...thank goodness for spellcheck!

8. You have to make lists of your lists to remember what was on your lists. Lists are good.

9. You get so busy getting breakfast for everyone else, making lunches and rushing off to school that you forget to feed yourself.

10. You repeat the same stories to the same people because you forget who you told them to. Maybe one of those lists would come in handy....

If you've seen my mind, would you send it back to me?


grandma said...

Wellllllll-----I guess I'm right there with you. Only one thing you wrote I don't do. Do you know I forgot what it was. Oh well it is what it is. We are happy right. Love you.

Charity said...

That is so funny. I don't even have children to feed and I forget to feed myself as well. Sadly, there are times when Scott and I realize at 8:00 PM that we've forgotten to feed our dog. Hopefully we get it together if we ever have children! :) It is just the craziness of this life. Too hectic.

Grandma W said...

#11. It is mid-afternoon, you are at a conference, look down at your feet and realize one shoe is brown with a low heel and the other is black with no heel. All you can do is smile...