Saturday, March 31, 2012


Hey, ho, we're still alive over here! We're back to the busy schedule of Thurs-Sat where we barely see each other because Ben is working so much. So the kiddos and I have been staying busy at home the last few days of this spring break. Samuel is already begging to go back to school! I'm not sure if I should be happy that he loves school so much or offended that he's tired of us.....:)

Eliana has been as grumpy as can be for the past 3 days. She will play happily for about 5 minutes and then come hang on my leg, crying, snot everywhere, saying "Uh? Uh?" (UP). I sure hope she feels better soon!

Some new things we've learned over the past week are:

Samuel learned to swing! We tried so hard to teach him last summer but he just couldn't get the hand of the coordinated pumping and body leans. He was so frustrated! But at the end of last week, Ben took the boys to the park and Samuel picked it up 1-2-3! I got to watch him in action a couple of days ago!

Eliana learned how to say her biggest brother's name! She started a few days ago, saying "Mamyule, Mamyule" in the very same, sweet, high-pitched voice that she uses to call our names. He just loves it! She knows who Zakkai is but hasn't attempted his name yet, or at least that we can tell. I thought she was saying his name a few months ago but turns out she was saying something else and it was a coincidence:) She also tries to say "Budder" (Brother) which is too cute!

Zakkai has learned how to scoot SO fast on his scooter! It took him a little while to get used to the 2 wheeled scooter but now we see him zipping around outside with all the other neighborhood kids:) We counted the number of bruises on his body today and he was impressed to learn that he has 20 bruises. What a BOY.

Take a look at the picture below and see if you notice anything funny:) I'm sure you can guess who did it!!

Now I am off to await the return of my long-lost husband and to watch the big basketball game! Go Bucks!

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