Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunshine Baby!

Hi, there! Well, it's the end of 4 weeks of being babied for me. Back to (modified) reality tomorrow. Ben goes back to work and we are working on plans to help me survive!

Ben has been a champion these past weeks, especially this last one. He threw himself into the role of Daddy-Mommy with gusto and pretty much burned himself out by yesterday. He swung from dreading going back to work because he really did enjoy spending so much time with us to this morning looking forward to going back because he is TIRED!

I said "Welcome to my world!!" With appreciation and love, of course;)

It is nice, though, to have him wear my shoes for awhile and see that it's not as easy as it may sometimes look. I'm not usually sitting on the couch eating bon-bons and having the children fan me with palm leaves.

It's a good thought though.....:)

I am a little nervous stepping back into some of my roles again. I get tired much more easily and there are many things I can't do yet. But I suppose I should take my own advice from this New Year's and take it one day at a time, one small goal at a time.

Did you notice that the font is bigger?? (I heard you, Grandma!) I have worried at times that the typing is too small or too fancy for you to read so please speak up if you have trouble. I aim to please:)

Ready for something cute? I thought so!!

One of the happiest little critters around!! This girl is just brimming with life, joy and spunk!!

 "I very busy, Mama. Taking my baby for a walk!"

The boys got some "new" clothes from their Grandma and have SO enjoyed picking out new shirts to wear each day. They love being able to wear short sleeves now that it's 60 degrees every day!!

(once again, B is talking the whole time in the backround:) I couldn't erase this video though because I love to hear that sweet "Mama!")
And Missy, if she hadn't already, completely mushed me up into a sugary puddle this weekend by FINALLY, consistently calling me "MAMA." Not "Dada."  Not "Mada." (a combo!) Just "Mama!" And I think it'll stick this time instead of lasting for a day and having me go back to "Dada."

All weekend she has been saying "Mama" in the sweetest voice you ever heard, just to get my attention and make sure I'm watching her!

This girl has some charm and she knows how to use it!!

Happy Sunday!

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