Monday, March 12, 2012

The light!

 Wow, it was another beautiful day today! It started out a bit gloomy and rainy but ended up sunny and warm enough for the boys to throw their bookbags on their hooks and run outside to play:)

Even Little Miss is in the spring spirit. She begs to go outside! She had these weird random tantrums at the end of last week and we couldn't connect the dots right away until she realized we weren't so bright and started bringing her coat to one of us to put on and standing by the stroller. On Friday morning, she was ready to walk Samuel to school before everyone else; coated and strapped into her stroller HAPPILY for at least 10 minutes or so!

She also finds her shoes and tries to put them on (or throws them in our laps!) and just hangs off of Ben whining and letting him know in no uncertain terms that she is ready for fresh air! It's pretty cute and she has the best time ever when she's allowed out of prison to roam the backyard!

"I'm such a big girl now!!"

Yelling directions to her brothers while they played outside yesterday:) She's quite the boss these days!!

Today I had my very first partial solo day. It was tough and tiring but I did it! Ben helped me prepare as much as we could last night (making lunches,etc). The hardest parts for me were getting around in the kitchen to get E a snack before nap and getting her upstairs for nap.

It involved both of us crawling up the stairs, me trying to guide her into her room instead of into her exciting brothers' room, and trying to figure out how to get her into her crib on one leg while snatching the back of her skirt to prevent escape #2!

Finally, we figured it out and she slept peacefully so I got a good break while Z was at school.

Hardest day down!

I went down to one crutch this afternoon to see how it would go and I think I can do it if I am careful. Or at least for half of the day anyways. There's a light at the end of this long tunnel!!

And I'm running towards it! (in my mind anyways.....:)

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aunt t said...

The smiling E looks like you as a baby, Heidi!