Monday, March 19, 2012


Wow, I can't remember the last whole weekend that I went without posting:) I was too tired on Saturday and last night Ben and I went on a DATE!

Yeah, that's right. Our first date since (I am embarassed to say) last spring! We just don't have a good or easy support system close by so sadly, that part of our relationship gets neglected;( Thankfully, I was able to snag a very good friend of ours a month ago to book her up for this weekend so we could actually celebrate our anniversary outside in the real world!

A big double considering we never get to go out and I've been extra cooped up since the surgery:) We got some ice cream and saw a movie! Like regular people! 

This cute patootie looked as cute as a sugar plum fairy this weekend:) It's so fun putting her in dresses now that she can walk and they don't get all caught up around her knees. Plus they are cool and comfy for this 80 degree weather!

 Just hanging' out:)

 Miss E and Z formed a new bond over their 2 weeks together in OH. Once we really started working on Z with sharing with her and not screaming NO everytime she takes one of his toys, things improved. She doesn't scream "NO" once she gets within 2 feet of him quite as often anymore:) Now she likes to lay near him or sit on him!

That's good improvement, I would say.

 Since Zakkai got his new scooter, we let Samuel spent a little of his hard-earned money to buy a little toy. Sadly, gone are the days of Thomas the train! Now he's into "boy toys" like dart guns. He's having a lot of fun with this one!

 We all sat on the porch yesterday afternoon and enjoyed watching all 3 of our chickies play together:)

 This past fall, when my Gma and mom came to visit, they found a Cozy Coupe in pink and purple for E! We pulled it out for the first time yesterday and she LOVED it! She climbed in and out and just sat in there turning the key and pushing buttons.

I didn't have the heart to warn her that she won't be driving for at least another 20 years...
She also discovered airplanes yesterday! She started doing the sign for them and everytime she heard one, pointing and saying "Yook!" It's a whole new world for a toddler and fun to experience through their eyes!

Now I'm off to enjoy a little peace and quiet while the baby monster is sleeping and the other 2 are off at school......Ciao!

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