Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Daily News.

Can't believe we've been home for 3 days already! It's been so busy as Ben is adjusting to being "Mr Mom." He even put on an apron today....just to amuse me:)

Seriously, this hubby of mine has learned to do things that he's never done before! Or not much anyways. I think he's feeling awfully proud of himself with his new domestic skills.

Today Zakkai had picture day at school. He had to get a bath before school to clean the marker off his head and hands (a common sight) and who knows what else. You should've heard the battle between Daddy and the Z-monster over bath scrubbings and getting dressed in nice clothes.

Zakkai was sure that no other boy would be in a sweater vest. We assured him that all the other boys would look nice, too, and that lots of little boys have worn sweater vests before.

And then there was another battle over wearing a jacket (it was warm today!). He left for school crying and screaming that it wasn't a jacket he was wearing! Because 5 year olds know everything.

Then he had a dentist appointment this afternoon and B and I were a little worried that there would be yet another battle. Thankfully, there was not! And he joins the ranks of the cavity-free in our family. Thank goodness for good genes!

The boys' long lost buddy, Mikey, came over this afternoon. He hasn't been around in over a month, after an incident with a scary/creepy neighbor:( The boys were beyond overjoyed to see him again and they all soaked up the last minutes of the warm, setting sun.

I finally got my stitches out yesterday. It was so painful. I was wishing for my dear Dr friend, Ms E! I now have the go ahead to progress to putting weight on my foot slowly. First light steps with both crutches, then more weight and eventually to one crutch and then to none! I tried my first light steps today and see that it will not happen as fast as I'd like, as it's pretty painful and swollen in there. I will keep trying and hoping for quick healing, as B goes back to full-time work next week!


I am trying to do little things to help out and earn my keep. Doing homework with S, watching Missy~as much as I can. (She has a definite advantage over me with her walking right now! ha.) And other small things. One day I will become queen of my castle again.

But until then, I am trying to enjoy some down-time and loving TLC from the King-turned-Mr Mom:)

And last but certainly not least, Little Miss is raising her ranks in the household to princess with a capital P. Also known as a little Hellion.

She is 100% toddler. Well, she thinks so anyways! We don't tell her that she's still our baby because she's probably say, "No, no, NO!" Which are her new favorite words.

She screams for food. She screams at Zakkai. She even threw a cup at his face today while yelling "Mo!" She rips her bows out of her hair and after she's done putting them in cups and containers, hides them in secret places.

But mostly she cracks us up with her new, toddling walk and the loops she makes around and around the house, showing off her new skill. She's getting pretty fast already!

She is full of personality, spunk and a lot of sweetness and cuddliness. We have to figure out how to tame this tiny firecracker!

Still working her Daddy-magic!

And here's a little clip of her walking~the best that I could do yesterday. Ben didn't realize I was video taping and was blabbing on and on and then he realized I was and started being silly. He likes to do that!

 And, while I did devote a whole post to my mom who carried the majority of the load over the past few weeks, I certainly do NOT want to forget the other special people who helped out.

My other "babysitters." Haha!

Grandma (B's mama), who came over several times to help chase after an increasingly busy little girl, listen to me blab on endlessly about things (hey, it gets lonely being all couped up!!!), and give extra-special attention to a little boy, who soaked up every second of it. Thank you for making Z feel so special. He could barely concentrate on anything else but his sacred Fridays with his loving Grandma! (And I know you enjoyed it, too!)

And thank you for driving us halfway home and helping to reunite our family again. You were a huge help over the past couple of weeks and we thank you!

And a big thank you to my Aunts (Aunt J and Aunt M), who also took babysitting duties! I loved the quiet times with each of you to talk (something that's hard to do with 20 relatives around!) and also it filled my heart to see you love on my little boys, too.

So thankful for family!

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