Friday, March 9, 2012

Tickle Torture

Our home is often a very noisy place, which is to be expected with 3 rascals running around. Eliana has even learned the tricks to being as loud as possible, thanks to her brothers.

And her daddy.

You see, HE is probably the main cause of the noisiness in the house. He LOVES to torture the boys with all sorts of tickling. He makes up outrageous names as he goes. For instance, today he tickled Zakkai with "Pocket Mousy" which was his hand inside Z's shirt pocket.

You should hear the screaming! It often drives me up the wall and overwhelms my senses! But I can't complain because at least it's happy noise, right?!

I never grew up with boys so you'll have to forgive me. All this noise and stinkiness is a new thing for me!

But I wouldn't trade any of it:)



grandma said...

Loved that vidio of Ben and boys. Some day that will be so fun for the boys and Ben to look back on. Oh Heidi I love your new receipe on the left corner. So easy to get to all those wonderful receipes. For your old Grandma could you make your type a little bigger. Either I am going to have to get stronger glasses or have eye strain. For some reason it is coming on my computor very small. Love you

Grandma W said...

I love the video. I agree with Grandma Great - it will be a treasure to watch when the boys get older. As far as Benj making up funny words, ask him about his "hunky monkey" song. So impressed with the even newer blog. It looks great. Also enjoyed pics of E outside. Love you all.

grandma said...

Hi Heidi don't know what happened but the type came in bigger now. Yea I can see. I wonder what happened. Did you do something or did I. Oh well PTL.