Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday's List

* Another beautiful sunny day here! Z was begging to play outside by 830am:)

*Made it through solo half day #3 this week! One big solo day to come tomorrow....I'm nervous!

*Eliana is finally forgiving me for my lack of mommy-ness for a few weeks. She is loving being around me, calling me "Mama" and snuggling lots!

*I have a love/hate relationship with March Madness. I've never ever cared for basketball until I joined the annual family brackets for the first time last year. And here it is again and I remember now why I love and hate it! I get too emotionally invested:) Darn upsets!!

*We surprised Z this afternoon by using a little bit of his birthday money to buy him a scooter, since he didn't get much for his bday. He was SOOOO happy! It has red handles and light up wheels:)

*Missy looked like a beautiful cornflower today in her blue dress and flower hair clip:) She got lots of compliments when we were out today.

*She also threw a toddler tantrum in the store when she had to be picked up b/c it was time to go. It didn't last but a minute. Love that she's at the age where distraction is so easy!!

*Samuel came home from school today and said, "Mommy, guess what?! At school today our room was a mess! A leprechaun snuck into our room and leprechaun's a really messy. There was even a footprint on my desk! It left a piece of gold for all of us. But it's not real gold, see? (holds up green fake gold piece). Mommy, are leprechaun's real?"

*Tried to put my baby to bed for the first time in 5 weeks. I ended up in tears while rocking and reading to her because it's so frustrating to not be able to do what I want and need to do. It takes so long to do everything and B had to come help get her dressed because let's just say that things started to fall apart.

I never would've guessed I would be at this point over a month after surgery. This week I felt so hopeful that I was finally going down to one crutch and feeling like I'd be walking next week. I ended up back on 2 crutches last night and part of today because I overdid things and paid for it. I know I am making lots of progress but...

I'll never taking walking for granted again.

*We seriously make the best homemade pizza I'm not boasting, it's true! Okay, I'm boasting. It is AWESOME. We've come up with a new secret ingredient that just puts the pizza, which we've been perfecting for a few years, over the edge. Wow. Come on over and try it!

*One of the highlights of today? Buying.....Girl Scout Cookies!!! Mmmm! It's been years and years since I have had some and I looked it up last week and realized they were selling some at a local store this afternoon so we stopped by on our way home. The girl scout was THE cutest little girl and she had pink glasses:) Her mom said she just loves her glasses and has since she was a baby. Girl Scout won me over by saying, "Are you going to buy cookies?? You're pretty!!" Charming:)

*Happy Friday!

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grandma said...

oh Heidi want your receipt for the best pizza ever. We can not find any pizza down here that we are liking. We would love to make our own I guess.