Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Her Eyes.

Two weeks ago, while we were in Ohio, Eliana woke cross-eyed. It came out of nowhere, with no warnings. Completely blind-sided me (no pun intended!) and freaked me o.u.t.

Of course, it doesn't take much to freak me out but still. Waking up one sunny morning to find that your toddler can't focus on you well is really disconcerting. To say the least.

I had some really anxious days that week. Thankfully, my aunt, who is a nurse, was able to watch her and relieve my fears that it was a neurological problem but I went ahead and made an appointment with a pediatric ophthalmologist for a.s.a.p.

We have been watching E closely over the past 2 weeks, noting when she struggles the most and what she is looking at when it occurs,etc. It is mostly her left eye that turns in and struggles but a little in the right, too.

Today was her "long-awaited" appointment. She got a fantastic doctor, an answer to prayer. Turns out she was the chief pediatric eye dr! She was able to get as much info as she needed, despite Missy's screaming and crying every time she even looked in her direction. That's our girl!

Turns out our little Sweetiana is extremely far-sighted. When I say extremely, I mean extremely! the guidelines for the refractive error for esotropia (what E has~esotropia hyperopia) is 0-2 mild, 2-4 moderate, 4-6 severe and 6+ extreme.

E's numbers were at least 6! Wow. Apparently farsightedness is hereditary so we are still trying to trace the family lines and figure out who started this thing! :) It's something that usually strikes kids when they are 2-3 and not quite so severe.

So our Little Miss will be getting glasses. Sniff. Little pink ones. It looks like she will have glasses (or contacts) for the rest of her life. We are so thankful that nothing else is going on; that it is something that is correctable and that she'll get help soon.

I admit, I am a little sad that I won't be able to look at her sweet face without glasses for much longer. It is such a beautiful little face! Don't get me wrong, I think she'll look adorable in them and I have nothing against glasses. B and I both have them! But it's just a little weird to get used to the idea that her look will change forever pretty soon.

According to the dr, most little people (surprisingly) love their glasses! We're hoping this will be the case with E:)

She and Z (who also had an appt) had their eyes dialated and it was kind of funny to look at them the rest of the day with their huge pupils! They both had to stay inside with the blinds closed because it was SO sunny today. Poor kiddos! They should be back to normal tomorrow morning and will hopefully get to enjoy the nice weather.

(Don't tell Mama but I'm gonna take off those silly glasses every chance I get! I might like them but I'll never tell. Gotta make her life exciting! ~E)


Emily S. said...

Whoa- how bizarre! I'm glad it's not something more serious!! But I'm sure it will be something you all will have to adjust to.

muggalove said...

Eliana will look sooo cute in her little pink glasses!