Saturday, March 24, 2012

New Eyes!

Today was a big day for our Biscuit. She got her glasses. Her initial try-on was everything we thought it would be.

Screaming, crying, ripping them off, having her hands held down, miserable. There was one brief moment where she stopped and looked around, almost like she was thinking, "Whoa. I can see!" And then she fogged them up with crocodile tears and ripped them off.

According to the Dr, she will love them but it isn't hopeful at this point.

We tried to get her to try them after her nap today. But she staunchly resists any and all attempts to put them on her head. So for now we are leaving it with trying the glasses on her stuffed animals, putting them on faces in books and trying to make them "okay" and not scary.

This is the best shot I could get in the 3.4 seconds she kept them on this afternoon, crocodile tears and all. Ben said he could see her eyes straighten almost immediately in the few glimpses we got of her in them. Hope this means it'll work! That is, if we can ever get her to keep them on....

She's a cutie, alright:)

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