Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hump Day.

It was 87 degrees here today!! Crazy! I am wondering what this means for the spring and summer. Hopefully it won't be 100 by June!

I told the boys a few weeks ago that some people call Wednesdays "Hump Day" because it's the middle of the week. They thought that was the funniest thing and take pleasure in remind me of it every Wednesday:) So....Happy Hump Day!

We have colds starting to circulate around here. Samuel has a cough that keeps him up at night and Z is starting the never-ending runny nose. He pretty much runs almost non-stop from October thru April:)

Eliana is such a busy bee, getting into any unknown fun-looking object left out by any of us! Example below:)

We've had to work with Zakkai a lot this week to not be so aggressive with Missy. He wrestles her like she's another 5 year old! I like that he wants to play with her and be around her......just wish he didn't have to tackle her:)

Ben is slowly starting to pick up more work while I am slowly starting to take over more household chores. I have days where I feel really encouraged by my progress or I should say, times of the day. Mornings are best for me! I can practice walking with no crutches~I kind of walk like a pirate with a peg leg at the moment:) But then I feel discouraged by the night because I wear down by the afternoons and am forced to sit down and rest my foot a lot. And I still get tired enough to take brief naps after a busy day!

I never knew this would take so much out of me for so long. I just keep trying to look at the positive sides of this. One, I am really glad that I didn't have this done in the summer time or I would've missed out on all the beautiful weather and taking walks etc. I'm planning on taking full advantage of that this year!!

Two, Ben has a whole new appreciation for family life and running a household. As a matter of fact, he's thinking of offering free courses in how to be Mr Mom, if anyone's interested.....:) All husbands of busy wives who work, take care of the house and/or have children should apply!!

I really love seeing him more comfortable in the role of taking care of the chicklets, cooking, packing lunches, doing laundry, etc. He looks pretty good with an apron on;)

Tomorrow is a big day for us. Ben is going to work for almost a full day (630-430) so I will be responsible for the first time for dropping off/picking up and everything in between. I am really overwhelmed but praying God gives me the strength I need to do it. I miss being my old, busy self!!

Now I need to get to bed early to get some energy!!

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