Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Crafty Crazy

I am feeling the pressure of getting Christmas presents done over here! Mostly because I have 2 big packages to send out of state and only have 1-2 days left before I can send them out to get there in time for Christmas.

The clock is ticking. My floor is being swept multiple times a day due to fabric scraps and threads littering its surface. I walk around picking thread off myself all day! Or hobble, I should say:)

I have had such a bad headache for 4 days now and I think it's due to sinus issues. It's made it so hard to think clearly and focus. So if you see me and I look sort of glassy eyed....that's why!

Eliana just loves her little ride-on toy she got for her bday! She thinks it is the best when we take her on a little ride around the house;) It plays the most princessy, fairy, girliest music you've ever heard and it gets stuck in your head.

I can hear it now....Tra-la-la-la-la-la

I figured since I am working on so many gifts, I ought to whittle down my "to-do" sewing basket. In it are many pairs of the boys' jeans which have ripped in the knees. No one ever told me boys were so hard on their clothes!!

I have patched SEVEN pairs of jeans this fall! (a couple of them twice). My little hobo boys;)

I am offering you a sneak peak of some of my projects! I usually really do NOT like what I make. It never turns out well...or I may be a perfectionist or something like that. Maybe, I said.

But I have to say that I am thrilled to pieces about these dresses!!! The pattern was so easy to make and I actually feel like I did a decent job! Aren't they cute?? One of them will be E's Christmas dress and the other is a gift for my niece. Which one do you think Eliana should have? The boys are voting on the candy cane one...

Off to rest my tired fingers...:)


Emily S. said...

Too cute! I love the fabric you used!

Grandma W said...

Heidi, How do you do all that you do?? The dresses are so cute. I agree with S and Z - candy cane dress for E.

grandma said...

I love your dresses I guess I would vote for the candy cane dress but the other one is so cute too Can hardly wait until you all come. Love Christmas so much.