Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Fun

Vacations "home" in Ohio are SOOOO busy! Hence the lack of blogging:) We have so much family time to soak in to fill us back up for when we go back to our family-less home.

We had a really nice, insanely busy exhausting Christmas:) Our children were so blessed by our families and even a Secret Santa. It brought tears to my eyes numerous times, being so unexpected. We weren't able to provide much for our kiddos gift-wise, which is fine since that's not what Christmas is about anyways but it gave us such joy to see our boys' faces light up and for each of them to get their "Wow" moment.

Zakkai's favorite gift at the moment is a talking cash register. He carries it around everywhere, trying to convince anyone within reach to buy something:) Samuel is enthralled with his Hot Wheels Christmas! He has a little suitcase to carry his cars in and a garage/ramp now.

We've had 4 family Christmases, all wonderful and crazy and approximately 1 really good night's sleep:) Last night the boys got prob 13 hours of sleep, Eliana got almost 15 and B and I got at least 8 and I can't tell you the last time that happened! We were stunned to crack open our eyes and see that is was 8am. Wow!

So thankful we have even more days of family time to soak up! And fun adventures like a date (gasp! thanks to gift cards and free babysitters:) a movie for the boys with their cousins, a New Year's Eve party and of course, more relaxing. I hope.

Good night!

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aunt t said...

I am so glad you all, are having so much fun, you needed it!