Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My Blessings.

It seems like it has been a long week over here. I think it is because I am slightly out of my routine, not able to really go places and do things (besides school runs). Ben actually did the grocery shopping with Zakkai late yesterday! That was a first:)

Day 5 of old stitch-foot and still not able to wear a shoe yet. I am hoping to be able to try again tomorrow. The boys are counting down with me til I get the stitches out because they are hoping I will be all healed by then. What, Gimpy Mommy isn't so fun?

Zakkai gets so bored in the mornings when Samuel is at school and just is chomping at the bit to be involved in something. I came up with a quick craft this morning for us to do together. First I was just going to help him with his but he was genuinely sad that I wasn't going to do my own tree so...

 We both decorated our own Christmas  trees;) Zakkai took this picture himself!

This afternoon we got our daily courtesy knock on the back door from Mikey, the boys' neighbor friend. They quickly bundled up (it was cold out today!) and went out to play. They quickly discovered some ice on the ground and spent the longest time stomping on it and chopping it up to bits. Like I always don't need many toys with kids!

 Biscuit has really been wanting to be near her brothers lately. She crawls around after then and is just dying to join them in their fun. She stood at the back door for awhile, banging on the glass and yelling for them:)

I guess I'm just not quite as fun as her big bros! Can't believe how much this Peanut is changing. She kept trying to take steps today about 1-2 at a time (or more like 1 1/2). She is correcting her pronunciation of a couple of words, too. "Yi" (light) is becoming "Yi..T" and "Ah" (eye) is becoming "Ah-ye."  She is also saying "Uh" for Uh-Oh, which is usually one of a baby's favorite words! Works well for throwing food or toys:)

She just looks for ways to engage us, make us laugh and show off. We can't believe how big she is getting so quickly. So thankful for her light that makes us smile even on the toughest days!

And for Zakkai's silly songs and requesting me to sing "Fleece S'navidot." (a.k.a. "Feliz Navidad")

And for Samuel's sweetness that soothes my soul....his hugs and kisses and "I love you's."

And for Ben's shopping for me, helping with things around the house, doing a few extra pick-ups and drop-offs this week.

I'm blessed:)

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dwilliams said...

Is Ben's lung finally peanut-free? And I laughed out loud at Z's pronunciation of "Feliz Navidad"