Friday, December 2, 2011


Can you guess what I'm about to say? Bet you can't!






Our new favorite place in the whole world!!! Yea for the ER!!

I really could be making this stuff up except there's absolutely nothing in it for me! No prizes. No trophies. No free medical care. Not buy 3, get one free. No free trips. No book or movie deals. Nothing.

Just a wonderful trip to the ER. Again.

And a good story to tell....someday. When this week isn't so fresh in our minds.

I was feeling so much better today and had some energy to do a little crafting for Christmas presents tonight. We got the boys tucked in bed and I started working on my project. I was standing at the table cutting fabric. Not even 15 minutes in, I switched my rotary cutter (with the brand new blade, mind you) to my other hand or something (a bit of a blur) and it slipped and dropped straight down on top of my foot.

I looked down and saw the sock was sliced open and thought "ouch." But hoped since I couldn't see anything right away that maybe the blade magically closed and didn't cut anything.

But then I took off my sock.

And I said, "Ben? I just did something really bad. Really bad." He got up as soon as I mentioned the word "stitches" and came over to see. Sometimes you have cuts where you're borderline "Stiches? or butterfly?" Nope. This one was stitches all the way.

So B helped me wrapped it up carefully and I pulled a big old cozy sock on over my foot and hobbled my way to the ER. By the time they took me back, everything was soaked through with blood. They said I did a really good job!

I try.

So I got (mostly) numbed and got 5 -6 stitches on my foot and here I am trying to settle my body and mind down and waiting for tylenol to take effect.

Anyone know where we could buy some stainless-steel, germ-free, safety bubbles?

We could use 5 of them. L, M, 2 Sm and an XS.


Grandma W said...

OH HEIDI!!!! Maybe Santa has 5 bubbles in his sleigh. What are we going to do with you all?? I am so sorry this has been such a difficult week. I do feel so helpless...except for the power of prayer. God is still watching and protecting over all of you. Please be safe - and know that you are loved very much.

grandma said...

I just don't know what to say. Yesterday we all thought except for B's problems you were all recovering. But no this foot thing sounds real bad. Can you walk, is it real swollen. We will continue to pray for you all.

dwilliams said...

o. my. dear! You've been to the ER twice as many times as me this week..and I work there :-( Here's to a speedy recovery...let me know if you need someone to remove your sutures in a week or so... ;)