Monday, December 5, 2011

My Scary Blog:)

It has come to my attention that maybe, just possibly some of you are afraid to check my blog anymore due to many recent, er, unfortunate events.

Goodness, I'm afraid to write on my own blog!!

But nothing terrible to report today. Whew! Sickness-wise, we are almost all healed, except for a lingering cough for E and B's slowly disappearing sinus infection. The infamous peanut gets removed early tomorrow morning so we'd love your prayers! Pray the doctor find it and removes it safely and that Ben recovers and heals quickly. He is tired of this!!

My foot is all sorts of black and blue colors and swollen and sore, especially in the morning! I am nervous about finding a shoe to wear tomorrow when I actually leave the house. Yuck.

The boys are getting SO excited about Christmas; mostly to be traveling to OH to see our families:) They talk about it everyday, asking over and over which day we are leaving and how long it takes to get there and what we are going to do. Samuel wants to make sure I am going to put their stockings at the ends of their beds on Christmas morning, a tradition that I grew up with.

I remember the wonderful, innocent excitement of childhood! It's not quite the same as an adult but still wonderful to spend time with your loved ones especially when you live so far away from them.

Can't wait to see everyone!

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