Saturday, December 24, 2011

Ho, Ho, Ho!

We made it! We had a surprisingly easy travel day yesterday with little traffic and mostly happy children:) E almost took a nap.....

Eliana's been adjusting to traveling really well! She took a nap shortly after we arrived and woke up absolutely hysterical. I think she had no idea where she was and got scared:( But since then, she's been happy, babbling, trying to walk (6 tiny steps today!), sleeping well and enjoying her Christmas!

The boys are having an absolute blast! We got to have Christmas with Grandma (B's mama) today and we were all so blessed with the gifts that she so generously gave to us. Samuel could hardly tear himself away from his new Hot Wheels Garage tonight and Zakkai got a lava bubble thing that he's been carrying around everywhere!

Tonight we all dressed up in our Christmas Eve finery and went to a church service with our family. And now our boys are tucked into bed in their new homemade jammies from Mugga, with the birth story of Jesus fresh in their minds, dreaming of a wonderous day ahead....

Merry Christmas! Pictures coming:)

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