Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A few good things.

Today almost feels like a blur to me. I had the worst headache alllll day and just in the last couple of hours after 3 doses of meds, is it finally gone! Hooray, I can think again!

Some good things that happened today:

1) I am officially stitch-free! Thanks to an awesome doctor that I know;) I still have a ways to go with healing, as it is very sore and bruised still. Oh and I can wear a slipper now. I look awesome going out on the town!

2) Eliana started saying "Zakkai" tonight!! Cutest thing ever! I was getting her in her jammies after her bath and Zakkai started talking to me from the bottom of the stairs. She looked in the direction of the door and I noticed she kept saying, "Ah-eye, Ah-eye." It took me a couple of minutes to figure out what she was saying but it clicked when he came upstairs and she looked at him and kept saying it! It made him SOO happy! (well, at first he was like "My name isn't "Eye!" But then he thought it was cool:)

3) The boys got haircuts tonight which they desperately needed. Zakkai overheard me telling Ben last night that they were getting mullets which needed to be cut a.s.a.p. So tonight he looked at Ben and said, "Daddy, tomorrow you can cut my mole off." I about died when I realized what he meant!!

3) Zakkai is SO excited to go to OH next week that he made a chart to X out a box everyday. The only problem? His chart obviously runs on Zakkai-wishful-thinking-time. He started out well, marking off a day the first 2 days. Then on Sunday morning he said, "I marked off 3 days today!" I said, "Zakkai, you can't mark out 3 days in 1! It's one day at a time!" But of course, my logic isn't good enough b/c I don't know anything so he ignored me.

Then this morning as I was coming downstairs, I heard Ben say, "Zakkai, why are all your boxes on your chart marked off?" I heard Z respond, "Because I marked them all off today! There are no more days left!"

It would be nice if things worked like that!

4) It's hard to believe that Christmas is so close. It really came fast and I feel like I lost so much time with all the sickness/drama around here. I am working like crazy to finish our few Christmas presents, especially those that have to be mailed out of town. Hope I meet the deadline, otherwise I'm going to be the Auntie on the naughty list!

5) And finally, if I haven't said it before....Missy is spoiled rotten by her daddy! And he freely admits it! She lights up when he comes in the door or upstairs from his dungeon/work office. He picks her up anytime she begs. She even stands outside the bathroom door, banging on the door laughing and saying, "Dada! Dada!"

He says he's doing it to make it difficult for any man who wants to date her someday:) Daddy's little princess!

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