Monday, December 12, 2011

My Deep, Insightful Questions and Thoughts.

1) My neighborhood could win "Gaudiest Christmas Decorations of the Year" Award. What is up with giant snowglobes and oversized candy cane fences? Or plastic santas with all the reindeer? Or the nearby neighbor who made a giant "tree/teepee" out of blue lights, made a candy cane fence and randomly looped orange lights around the candy canes? We have dubbed it "Alien Christmas."

2) Christmas time never seems as "Christmas-y" without snow.

3) Why do people who work at JoAnn's seem so annoyed? Shouldn't people who work in such a delightful place be perpetually happy? Crafters unite!

4) Most of my former Aldi stereotypes have disappeared. Don't know why we waited so long to try it! Most everything we have gotten from there has been so good and is SO cheap!

5) My boys look like scarecrows or puppies or something when they need a haircut.

6) I am so excited for my sister and her husband who are expected their first little one and who found out today that it's a little GIRL!

7) Only 1/5 of us is sick at the moment which is better than it has been lately! I wish it wasn't E that was feeling crummy though. Nothing sadder than a sick, snotty, fussy baby:(

8) Also, can you freeze cookies that have icing on or in them? Anyone?

9) Does it bother anyone else that the radio announcers have to say "Happy Holidays" and can't just wish someone a Merry Christmas? My sister even said when she cut down her tree this year, the tree farm was advertising "Holiday Trees." Who cuts down a tree for a different holiday other than Christmas? I'm beginning to loathe the word "holidays..:

10) I actually managed to get a shoe on today! Nevermind that it was incredibly uncomfortable and my toes are now more swollen. What matters is that I didn't have to endure the stares of people as I limp around in one boot and one brightly colored cozy sock! Stitches come out soon!

I leave you with pictures of my many small children.

Zakkai playing in our dusting of snow we had a few days ago:)
E helping herself to some cereal:)
S working studiously on his homework!


Charity said...

Yes, you can freeze cookies with frosting. Just let them "dry" and then freeze them.

Fun fact about Texas - everyone still says MERRY CHRISTMAS to each other down here. It is very refreshing.

Scott saw your post on Facebook about Matilda. I told him you were joking. He was a little worried. ;)

Oh, and I HATE all the blow up Christmas decorations. The worst thing is that people turn them off during the day and they are just laying limp in the yards like a pile of trash.

Ok, I'm done commenting on your deep thoughts. You make me laugh!

grandma said...

I ecko Charity. freeze cookies with frosting. Do it all the time. No problem. We are famous in Plain City with limp blow up Christmas decorations. Bah humbug. Love pretty lights. Love Christmas.