Thursday, December 8, 2011

Old Hop Along.

 Thursdays are my long solo-day so I often don't get to the camera. Plus I'm gimpy, so that doesn't help:) So there are no pictures today!

Not too much to report:

*Ben remains in touch with his inner peanut. Long story short? Wrong doctor. Wrong procedure. Peanut lives. the end.

*Well, not the end. He now has an appt scheduled with a pulmonologist (or something like that) but can't get in for awhile so maybe he'll miraculously cough it up in the mean time? Frustrating.

*My shoe experiments failed once again today. Beginning to wonder if I'll ever wear a shoe again....

*Planning a fun family night tomorrow night! Ever since Samuel found out what a slumber party was, he has been requesting one...with our family:) So tomorrow night we will be decorating gingerbread houses, baking cookies, watching a Christmas movie and sleeping in the living room. The boys are SO excited. I'm not sure how it will go "sleeping" with them....we'll see;)

*Eliana does not get to sleep downstairs with us. What she doesn't know, she'll never miss!

*Apparently we're supposed to get our first snow tonight! It won't be much but it'll be nice to see a little white on the ground. I have a sinking suspicion that we will not be having a white Christmas since I don't see anymore snow forecasted in the near future.

I'm sure it'll come in February.

*Tonight I fell asleep while reading the boys a story about how different countries celebrate Christmas. Obviously it was a really exciting book:) I vaguely could hear them asking me questions and after getting no response (or at least not an intelligible one!) they kept saying, "Mommy? Mommy? Moooooommmmmmyyyyyyyy!"

Maybe I'll go to sleep a little early tonight......:)


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grandma said...

Heidi you need to wear a slipper on the bad foot or flip flop. Thats what people here do. May be flip flop would hit wrong. Not sure where the hurt is. Also Im upset they took off one ov my favorite tonight on xfactor.