Saturday, December 10, 2011

Slumber Pics

As promised, pics of our wild party last night continued into today:)

While I tucked the little Princess into bed and finished mixing up the cookies, the 3 men of the house relaxed and watched the first half of the movie:)

Some of our cookies, which are delicious! The tray on the left was decorated by Zakkai and the tray that has 5 lbs of sprinkles on it is Samuel's:) We also made these, which we first made last year. They are SO good and melt in your mouth!

 Then we "glued" together our gingerbread houses (a.k.a. graham cracker houses) and set them to dry overnight. Then it was time to make the beds. The boys love when the couch bed is out and were rolling around like wild animals until we had to be the party poopers and make them stop!

We got all the beds made (2 cozy beds on the floor for the boys) and snuggled together to finish the movie. By the time we were all settled in and ready to go to sleep, it was 10pm! Wow. We all fell asleep fast;)

But we were awakened bright and early this morning by this chickadee, who wanted to make sure she hadn't missed out on any fun, and by daddy who had to sneak off to work.

Missy is standing at her stool where she usually gets to munch on cereal in the mornings while we're getting ready for the day:)

I barely held the boys off from decorating until after breakfast! They spent about an hour or more carefully decorating their houses...
 It was intense work!:)

Tada! Samuel finished with his masterpiece.

 Looks good enough to eat!

Z was way too busy to come pose with his so we'll see if he'll show it off tomorrow. For now you'll have to make do with mine:) Samuel asked me what the big brown ball was on the side of the front door and I told him (after some quick thinking) that it was a chocolate bush! I wish...

The back with the Christmas tree:)

 We'd exhausted every last possible activity by 3pm and I was desperate for something entertaining. I was using the masking tape for a project and suddenly came up with the idea for a masking tape hopscotch! They were thrilled!

So was Missy:) Something new to inspect! Nevermind that her brothers were trying to jump...


They kept their blankets downstairs all day and they became the hotspot for fun, as you will see. So funny to see this little girl playing so wildly with her brothers!

Samuel asked me when we can have another slumber party.

I'm thinking in about another 2 years or so:)

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