Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gettin' Down.

Today our baby girl turned 14 months old! It wasn't as hard of a change as turning 1 was but we still can't believe that yet another month has flown by.

She continues to light up our days with her eager exploration of her world, her new words and communication, her sweet love for her family.

This past month:

* E has started saying more words! We hear "Moh" (more) around the house (esp the kitchen:) often. A new one is "Boo" (Book without the "K") b/c she loves books! She decided if her daddy's heart wasn't mush enough (it was, trust me) that she would say his name constantly. She says "Dada" in the highest, softest little voice. It's so cute! For a day or two, she was trying out Z's name "Ah-eye" but we haven't heard it lately.

*New signs are "Tree" "Fan" "Outside" "Up" "Hear" "Sleep"

*She is now blowing kisses at night time. Adorable!

*She got a much needed hair trim! She was starting to look pretty scraggly so I trimmed her hair and it looks much nicer now:)

*She is practicing standing on her own ALL the time now! She will spend many minutes a day standing up in the middle of the room without holding on to anything and stand as long as she can before she plops on her bottom:) It's coming...

*She took 2 steps yesterday and today!

*Eliana LOVES when we are on the ground with her and will get so silly falling on us, climbing over us, tucking toys into our laps and all sorts of things. Poor thing never gets any attention around here....:)

*Has been sick the entire month:( Her congestion is finally better but her cough continues to linger. Hopefully this next month will be a healthy month!

*She is just about to get a front tooth. We are going to miss her fangs!

*Still in size 3 diapers and wears 12 month clothes. She holds out her arms for me to put into the sleeves and inspects her clothes if they have shapes/objects on them:)

*Current nicknames are: Baby Goose, Missy (still), Biscuit, Sweet Girl, Muffin

*Started dancing, as you will get to see! It's very cute and shows her inherited dancing skills. On Ben's side, of course:)

Some things to note:

*She desperately needs a bow in her hair so try to ignore that

*I sound very strange b/c my voice has been hoarse so try to ignore that too..

*She resembles Ray Charles or Stevie Wonder when she dances...

Eliana Gettin' Down!

Happy 14 Months, Sweet Girl!

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Grandma W said...

I love to hear S singing in the background. How sweet are these grandchildren of mine?!?