Monday, December 19, 2011

Behind the scenes...

Behind the scenes of every cute family/child picture are a few pictures like these:

Without fail, there are always 1 or 2 people looking different directions, blinking, making faces they would never want to show in public....

 Or crying because the mommy tried to take one picture too many!

This is why I always take many pictures at a time, hoping that at least one will turn out!

Can't hold a thing against this little munchkin though! She's too cute:)
Family updates:
*We are all in varying stages of a cold but no one is terribly sick, thankfully! It seems minor compared to the sickness drama of a few weeks ago! Eliana is finally making improvements after more than a month of sickness. Now if she would just sleep well again.....

*Zakkai's poor nose is raw and he has a cough but seems to be holding steady. Samuel's had a sore throat for 2 days and I am praying that will pass soon. And B and I are fighting sinus infections and hoping to be healthy (enough) for Christmas!

*We are gearing up for our annual trek to OHIO!! We wake up everyday and countdown the days. The boys, especially Zakkai, are beyond excited. Z's had his bookbag full of toys/books packed for 3 days now:)

*I am making my ridiculous packing list and checking it twice! I always figure as long as we remembered the children, everything else can be replaced if we forget it:) Thank goodness for the van!

*My foot is finally making huge improvements after 2 1/2 weeks! Suddenly in the last day or so, my swelling decreased quite a bit, the cut closed up and stopped bleeding and I can put more weight on the injured side. Although wearing a shoe is still not comfortable but I know that will come in time.

*I've been meaning to share this Christmas radio station that B and I have been listening to. Is anyone else sick of Delilah and her cheesiness? Not to mention the same old Christmas songs every hour? (Ooh, some of my favorites: "Christmas Shoes" "Last Christmas I Gave You My Heart" and "Where Are You Christmas?" Ugh!) Ben discovered a refreshing station with old-fashioned music from the 40s, 50s and 60s. Go to and in the upper right hand corner where it has you type in a radio station, type "Blue Light Christmas" and click on the station when it comes up, then hit play. And then enjoy! No more Justin Bieber and Mariah Carey~hooray!

*A funny story: Zakkai often shares with me his plans for his future house (that will be right next door to ours.) His latest plans are to decorate with Christmas lights~colored on the roof and one bush and blue lights on the other bush (apparently there will only be 2 bushes.) He will also have colored lights on his two Christmas trees:) He said that I can stop by anytime to visit him and can ring the doorbell if he's not home. But he will be home in the mornings, just not in the afternoons b/c he'll be working. (nice job!) And then he told me that he will have 2 "kids" and a mommy (a wife). The 2 kids are going to be girls!

Then the 2 kids turned into 6 girls and when his 6 daughters grow up, then he will have 1 boy and 1 girl, followed by 1 more boy. And there might be a 10th child but he isn't sure about that yet:) Also, he said he will be sleeping on the couch because there will be no bedrooms in his house! When I asked where the children would sleep, he said they could sleep on the floor. Ha!

But he soon changed his mind and said there would be 6 bedrooms with bunk beds in a couple of them:) Love this kid's imagination!! And I will love reminding him someday that he is going to have 9 or 10 children...

*And now I am off to work hard on my remaining Christmas presents. I only have 3 days left! Yikes!

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aunt t said...

Z cracks me up, he so reminds me of Naomi when she was little.

The three of them on the floor with S holding E's hand---- is so cute!