Saturday, December 17, 2011

The beauty of Snow.

 I love snow.

Well, first snow. The first snows of the season. The fresh snow before it is run over by dirty cars. Snow as it is falling; so white and clean. Soft and beautiful.

I love the excitement of children when they see the unique snowflakes falling from the sky and wake up to a frosted ground. I love the excitement I feel when I wake up to an unexpected snowfall!

I love snow.

This morning the boys were the first to discover our surprise snow dusting. They spent long minutes watching it fall out the window and were eager to don boots, coats, gloves and hats after breakfast so they could go build an igloo.

While there wasn't quite enough snow for an igloo, it was beautiful packing, snowball-throwing, castle-building snow. They begged me to come out and I hesitated, thinking of my long to-do list. I could see the disappointment on their faces and as I turned around I thought to myself, "This would make their day to have mommy come out and play." So I packed myself into my own winter gear and felt such joy when I saw their faces light up when I came outside!

Later, when I was back inside, Samuel came running up to the door to show me the tiny, perfect snowflakes falling on his coat. This was the best picture I could take with my so-so camera but it was so cool to see a miniature little star! To think that each snowflake is unique?  Amazing!

After an hour or so of play, my rosy-cheeked boys tumbled inside leaving muddy wet puddles all over the ground. They got cozy on the couch with blankets and little cups of warm apple cider and watched a little cartoon.

A good kind of morning:)

And to see my sweet ones playing with and loving each other?

Made it the best kind of morning:)

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grandma said...

That picture of the three of them would make a good Christmas Card. How darling is that. Remembering how I would get 4 kidos all dressed in all the snowsuits and gloves, boots and they would go out for just a few minutes and want to come right back in. Too cold maybe it was because I had 3 girls. I think that maybe was the difference.