Friday, August 26, 2011

They come in 3s...

Don't they say that bad things come in 3s?(Whoever "they" is) It's true for me today! But I am really trying to see the blessings in them all.

First there was the scene with Z yesterday . I am really trying to be so thankful that God was watching over him and protected him. This kid is such a riot but also a causer of gray hairs...

Then Samuel and Eliana had their check-ups today. Samuel is healthy and thriving as a happy 6 year old. He was very pleased to hear that there are no shots for 6 year olds!!

Eliana is still petite at 17 lbs 10.5 oz (which was like 14th %?) and 27 inches. She has a small head, too:) She is doing really great except the dr did discover that she has a small heart murmur. I was really surprised as no one has said anything up until now. She has been referred to a cardiologist, whom she will see in October.

You know the nice thing was, I never felt a sense of fear or panic when she told me about it because I look at my chunky, thriving little girl and know that she was created with Perfect Hands and that no matter what, we'll be okay. I am so thankful that I have come a long way in dealing with fear (although I definitely still struggle obviously:) and don't want to let it enter in and grow roots! If it was serious it would've been caught before and there would be signs that she wasn't doing well.

I think they will probably just monitor her to see if it closes. I adore this little muffin and am thankful that we aren't facing anything really serious, although I wish there wasn't anything wrong at all with her sweet little heart. I am praying it will be completely closed by the time her appointment rolls around. Will you pray that with me??

And then as I was driving back from the doctors, a rock from a lumbering semi flew back and struck my windshield and left a crack in it. I was so overwhelmed by such a seemingly small thing for a moment but it was like the icing on the rotten cake after these past two days. You know how sometimes it's the little things that can push you over the edge?

And my mom told me "Think of the blessings you've had this week." And she's right: Zakkai is OKAY, Eliana doesn't have anything too serious wrong with her and I didn't get in an accident or anything today, Samuel has had a wonderful week and we are so pleased with his school.

I can't worry about the what ifs or about what might happen tomorrow or next month. But I can be thankful that we are taken care of today and have all we need.

Now if only blessings came in 3s....;)

I think God knew I needed a distraction tonight and so He sent it in the form of our good friends Ms D and Mr J!! They dropped by to enjoy some homemade pizza with us, play a rousing round of Cranium (In which the girls tromped on the boys), enjoyed some delicious brownies and ice cream (because Friday nights are made for treats!!) and most of all basked in friendship and the life it brings.

I do have a lot to be thankful for tonight and I choose to think about those things now!

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Emily S. said...

Oh, Heidi. I just want to come give you a big hug! What a stressful week you have had! Many prayers coming your way!